Magazine house is horror

2019 03 03 News

Magazine House Is Horror

Mar 03, 2019

I have created four new products this time.The theme, Magazine House Is Horror, was inspired by a Japanese publishing company.The font used Helvetica Bold.

Helvetica Bold

Helvetica Bold

Three kinds of color variations.

MHIH Design
MHIH Design
MHIH Design

Item is T-shirt, Sacoche.
T-shirts are available in three colors: Mix Gray, Swedish Pink, and Space Blue.

T-SHIRTS | Mix Gray


MHIH T-Shirts Mix Gray Front
MHIH T-Shirts Mix Gray Back
MHIH T-Shirts Mix Gray Design
T-SHIRTS | Swedish Pink


MHIH T-Shirts Swedish Pink Design
T-SHIRTS | Space Blue


MHIH T-Shirts Space Blue Front
MHIH T-Shirts Space Blue Back
MHIH T-Shirts Space Blue Design
SACOCHE | Pigeon Gray


MHIH Sacoche pigeon Gray Front
MHIH Sacoche pigeon Gray Back
MHIH Sacoche Pigeon Gray Design